Coastal Shellfish Corporation combines traditional First Nations knowledge with advanced modern technology to produce healthy and sustainable seafood for local and international markets. The company’s signature product, Great BearTM, OM Scallops, is cultivated in the remote and pristine waters of the coastal Great Bear Rainforest.

A joint initiative of Coastal First Nations and a member of the Great Bear Business Corporation, Coastal Shellfish was launched to advance economic independence for our communities.


Coastal Shellfish Corporation oversees the production of Great BearTM, OM Scallops from egg to plate. All of its seafood products are traceable, quality-inspected, packaged at the peak of freshness, and guaranteed to be chemical-free.

After incubation in a new, self-sustaining hatchery facility in Prince Rupert, B.C., Great BearTM, OM Scallops are transferred to remote long-line farms in the cold and pure ocean waters of B.C.’s North Coast, where they can feed on the natural local algae and plankton that are rich in Omega-3s, a vital nutrient for human health.

Great BearTM, OM Scallop products include live and frozen scallops, dry scallop meat, scallop roe, and scallop shells. Select products are available internationally. Coastal Shellfish also supplies live seeds for scallops, geoducks, and oysters to other shellfish operations, and consults with emerging First Nation seafood operations to help them develop their businesses. Contact Coastal Shellfish to order these products or locate them near you.

History and Governance

The Coastal Shellfish initiative was launched in 2011 at the end a seven-year research project that identified the most suitable environments and products for shellfish aquaculture on the North Coast. With the establishment of regional, ocean-set long-line scallop farms in Coastal First Nation Traditional Territories, a state-of-the-art hatchery and processing centre in Prince Rupert, and the assistance of scallop aquaculture experts from China and Chile, Coastal Shellfish can now produce up to 40 million scallop seeds per year. Plans are in place to launch future scallop farms in more First Nation communities, along with the supply of seed to North Coast geoduck farming operations.

Coastal Shellfish is a joint endeavour of Coastal First Nations and several partners, with the Metlakatla First Nation holding majority ownership. Coastal Shellfish is a subsidiary of the Great Bear Business Corporation and all use of the GREAT BEAR mark by Coastal Shellfish is under license from the Great Bear Business Corporation.


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