The Great Bear Business Corporation is an alliance of nine First Nations and councils that have come together to support stewardship and sustainable economic development in the Great Bear Rainforest. Members of the Great Bear Business Corporation alliance include Gitga’at Nation, Heiltsuk Nation, Kitasoo Band Council, Metlakatla First Nation, Nuxalk Nation, Old Massett Village Council, Skidegate Band Council, Wuikinuxv Nation, and the Council of the Haida Nation.

The GREAT BEAR official mark is the intellectual property of the Great Bear Business Corporation and is reserved for use by its subsidiaries and official partners under license from the Great Bear Business Corporation.

History and Mandate

For thousands of years, Coastal First Nations sustainably managed the fish, flora, and abundant natural resources of the Great Bear Rainforest. But industrial exploitation over the past century has decimated these resources and caused enormous economic and social harm in remote Coastal First Nation communities.

The Great Bear Business Corporation was incorporated in 2009 as the regional business entity for the First Nation members of the Great Bear Initiative Society. The corporation shareholders and the society members are the same First Nations. The intent of the Great Bear Business Corporation is to develop a conservation economy in the Traditional Territories of member First Nations, in order to create long-term meaningful local employment and generate revenues to support stewardship and conservation activities, community development, and self-determination goals. The partners and subsidiaries that use the GREAT BEAR official mark are unique entrepreneurial endeavours undertaken jointly by some or all of the nine entities within the alliance. Each venture operates under the principles of environmental stewardship, economic independence, and the recognition of Aboriginal rights and title.

By pooling products and services under the GREAT BEAR official mark, the businesses within the corporation maintain entrepreneurial independence and build regional economies while marketing their products cooperatively in a non-competitive partnership under a common brand.

Licensed Great Bear products and services include, for example, Great Bear RainforestTM Essential Oils, Great BearTM, OM Carbon Credits through the Great Bear Carbon Credit Corporation, and Great BearTM, OM Scallops, a product of Coastal Shellfish Corporation.

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The Great Bear Rainforest Region

The Great Bear Rainforest encompasses the North and Central Coast and Haida Gwaii regions of British Columbia. This area is the unceded Traditional Territory of our First Nations and represents a quarter of the world’s surviving coastal temperate rainforest.

Coastal First Nations Map

The ecosystem is the largest intact temperate rainforest in the world. It is home to grizzly bears, black bears, cougars, wolves, and the rare white-furred kermode, or Spirit Bear, as well as centuries-old western red cedars and a complex, bio-diverse ecosystem dependent on the recurrent upriver migration of salmon.

Since 2000, Coastal First Nations have been working together to create a model that supports local communities while ensuring the long-term future of the Great Bear Rainforest and its surrounding waters.

First Nations and Sustainable Industry

The Great Bear Initiative and the Great Bear Business Corporation were founded on the principle that the people who have lived in this region for thousands of years are the people best able to respect and preserve its biodiversity and its sustainable economic future.

The member First Nations of the Great Bear Business Corporation are committed to the conservation and stewardship of the forest and lands, waters, and air of the Great Bear Rainforest region. The businesses in this partnership take the best knowledge from modern science and combine it with traditional wisdom and practices to create a conservation economy.

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